QR Code Scanner API


Cloud Softphone functionality can be extended by custom web browser tabs, which can implement various functionality like access to account admin area, service configuration, credit top-up, access to company intranet etc.

In case some user input is needed, it may be more convenient to ask the user to scan a qr-code rather than having him re-type the information. Cloud Softphone app exposes simple javascript API to invoke the QR code scanner from within the embedded browser page and receive the result.


function onQrCodeReceived(qrValue)


The QR scanner is invoked by calling softphone.openQrCodeScanner. The function takes single argument - callback which receives the content of scanned QR code.


A simple example of invoking the QR scanner is shown at https://dist.acrobits.net/qrtest/index.html You can configure this URL as a custom web tab, or web registration wizard URL and try it in the app. The example code receives the scanned QR code and tries to interpret it as QR code from Cloud Softphone portal, described in QR Codes for Cloud Softphone. It should be very easy to adjust it to suit your needs. Use the “view source” in your browser to see the javascript code.