Dial Actions


Dial Actions are “commands” which tell Acrobits client what to do with the particular number. In Cloud Softphone, it’s possible to configure which dialAction will be performed when dialing the number by single-tap, long-press and 3D-touch on iOS devices which support it.

For example, you can configure the “call” button in keypad screen to do a SIP call for single-tap and cellular call on long-press, or show all available dial actions as a menu on single tap.

Dial Actions

The table below lists the supported dial actions.

dialAction Description
start a VoIP call. The video will be enabled based on the value in
autoSendVideo preference key.
start a voice-only VoIP call
start a VoIP call with video
dial the number via cellular network
triggers webCallback. Web service will be called with the given number and
an incoming call will be expected.
triggers call-through. In case a web service is defined, it will be asked for
access number and dial string, otherwise the preconfigured access number will
be used.
compose a new text message to the given number.
shows a menu with all applicable dial actions for the given number.
For “smart” contacts, Acrobits apps always prefer to make on-net call. This dial
action will force an off-net call to the PSTN number.