Event Tracking


Cloud Softphone app can be integrated with various 3rd party services to allow tracking of certain in-app events for purposes like:

  • analytics for running advertising campaings, conversion tracking
  • monitoring user behaviors, early detection of situations with poor user experience
  • usage statistics, demographics, details about audience

Event tracking has to be enabled in “Features” section of your Cloud Softphone app. It is currently only available for full white-label apps. Once the feature is enabled, you will be able to fill in the credentials for your event tracking service inside the “Whitelabel options” step.

Supported Event Tracking Services

Cloud Softphone currently supports the following event tracking systems:

Cloud Softphone portal will let you fill in credentials for all supported services and will use those services for which you provide credentials. To limit the network traffic, it’s advisable to use only one event tracking service.

Reported Events

Cloud Softphone has to map in-app events to the events recognized by the tracking service, so the naming of the events may differ. Explanations about individual events and the mapping is given below.

Account Created

This event is reported when user creates a new account and saves it This typically happens after the app is provisioned. Note that this event does no checking whether the account is valid or whether it was successfully registered.


Service Event Name
AppsFlyer af_complete_registration
Firebase signup

Account Registered

Reported when an account successfully registers with SIP server. This usually happens shortly after the app is started or moved from background to foreground.


Service Event Name
AppsFlyer af_login
Firebase login

App Started

Reported whenever the app is started.


Note that this event is reported only when the app is already provisioned. Starting the app into initial screen where the user can scan QR code, fill in username&password or go through registration wizard will NOT trigger this event.

Some tracking services don’t have a dedicated event to map to and simply use this event to show daily usage statistics.


Service Event Name
AppsFlyer N/A
Firebase app_start

Outgoing Call

Reported whenever the user originates an outgoing call.


Service Event Name
AppsFlyer callout
Firebase callout

Incoming Call

Reported whenever the user receives an incoming call. This event is reported for both pushed and direct incoming calls, including calls handled by CallKit on iOS. The event is reported at the time the incoming call is received, regardless of whether the user answers or whether the call is rejected by DND etc.


Service Event Name
AppsFlyer callin
Firebase callin

Call Ended

Reported when the call reaches terminal state (user hangs up, call is terminated because of no network etc.)


Service Event Name
AppsFlyer callend
Firebase callend

Screen View

Reported when the user switches screens inside the app. The event has a parameter which says which screen has been shown.


Service Event Name
Fabric Content View
AppsFlyer af_content_view
Firebase screen_view