Obtaining troubleshooting logs and understanding the minimum system requirements for Mac operating system (OS) are both basic steps in troubleshooting issues.

Troubleshooting Logs

When softphone users encounter issues with the application, retrieve Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) logs or crash logs from their devices and send the files to the support team for troubleshooting purposes.

SIP Logs

SIP logs are generated by the softphone application. The logs contain communication details such as the application information, device information, network information, and error messages during calls or registration.

Enabling SIP Logging

SIP logging is not enabled by default. The softphone application collects troubleshooting logs once the logging function is enabled. To ensure that error details are recorded in the logs, users must enable this function before errors occur.

  1. Select Desktop application setting icon > Controls.

  2. Enable Log SIP traffic. The Troubleshooting option displays at the left navigation menu of the Settings window.

Retrieving SIP Logs

Softphone users can retrieve SIP logs in the application only after enabling the SIP logging function.


If users intend to reproduce an error and record its details in the log for troubleshooting, they must first enable the logging function. Refer to the Enabling SIP Logging section to turn on this function.

  1. Select Desktop application setting icon > Troubleshooting.

  2. Select the Export button next to the Export SIP log option.

  3. On the dialogue box, change the file name or the location to save the files if needed.

  4. Select the Save button.

  5. Send the log text file to the support team.

Crash Logs

A crash log is generated by the softphone application when it crashes or encounters an error that causes it to shut down. The log contains the error details that are useful for diagnosing and debugging.

Retrieving Crash Logs

Softphone desktop application users can retrieve crash logs from their computers when they encounter an application shutdown, and send the files to the support team for investigation.

  1. On the user’s computer, select Go from the top navigation menu, and then select Library from the drop-down menu.

  2. On the Library window, select Logs > DiagnosticReports.

  3. In DiagnosticReports, locate the crash log file that begins with the application name.

  4. Copy the crash log and send it to the support team.


    The crash log file is indicated as Analytics Report in the Kind column.

Minimum System Requirements

To ensure the softphone application runs smoothly, the user devices must meet certain minimum system requirements.

OS Versions

The devices should be running macOS 13 (Ventura) and onwards.