Quick Start Guide

This section demonstrates a quick setup to use libSoftphone SDK on your Android and/or iOS projects. Use the following steps to build and run your application on a device or emulator:

Step 1: Register on Acrobits Licensing Portal

You must be register an account on Acrobits Licensing Portal at saas.acrobits.net to access licenses and credentials required to use libSoftphone SDK.

Step 2: Add SDK Dependency

  1. Open your project in Android Studio and locate the build.gradle file.

  2. To enable your project to fetch the necessary dependencies from the Acrobits repository, add the following lines to the repositories block in the build.gradle file:

    1maven {
    2    url "https://maven.acrobits.net/repository/maven-releases/"
    3    credentials {
    4        <username>
    5        <password>
    6    }


  3. To include the libSoftphone dependency in your project:

    1. Open the module-level build.gradle file.

    2. Add the following line within the dependencies block:

      1dependencies {
      2    implementation 'cz.acrobits:libsoftphone:<version>'


      Replace <version> with the SDK version number. To obtain the version number, go to Releases overview at dist.acrobits.net/changelog.

Step 3: Set up Push Notifications

To enable the push functionality, you have to configure push notifications in your application. The process differs based on the platform you are developing for.

To read the detailed procedures, go to the Android Push notifications and iOS Push notifications sections.

Step 4: Build and Verify the SDK

Synchronize your project with the Gradle files by clicking the Sync Now button in the Android Studio toolbar. This fetches the SDK and makes it available for use in your application.

Once the sync is complete, you can proceed with integrating and configuring libSoftphone SDK in your Android application to build VoIP applications.

Next, explore our documentation and sample projects to learn more about using the SDK to build VoIP applications.

If you encounter any issues, you may refer to our documentation or go to Acrobits Support at acrobits.net/support to get assistance.

Happy integrating!