Facade and libSoftphone

Acrobits provides two types of SaaS SDKs: libSoftphone and Facade.

  • libSoftphone is Acrobits native SDK.

  • Facade, also known as the wrapper SDK, is developed to facilitate interactions between the native SDK and the application.

These two SDKs offer flexibility and customization options suitable for different user requirements.

This section provides an overview of these SDKs:

libSoftphone and Facade SDKs Comparison

libSoftphone, the native SDK, provides direct access to Acrobits’ extensive softphone application features, but it imposes a more complex development process for developers. On the other hand, Facade, a set of user-friendly SDK, aids to developers in the app development process, but restricts exposure to comprehensive functionalities available through the native SDK.

Choosing to use which SDK depends on the developer’s needs. The summary of their key features is as follows:

libSoftphone SDK

Facade SDK

Key features

  • Lower-level APIs

  • Rich features

  • Advanced customization

  • Deep integration possibilities

  • Scalable and flexible

  • Easy-to-use interface layer

  • Seamless integration

  • Rapid development

  • Simplified maintenance

libSoftphone SDK

The benefits of using libSoftphone SDK include the following:

  • Accesses to full SDK functionalities

  • Applies to use cases that require specific customization and extensive configuration options

  • Develops complex apps with access to a diverse of platform-specific features

  • Provides more flexibility and customization to fine-tune the behavior of the application.

Facade SDK

Facade SDK encapsulates the functionality of the native libSoftphone SDK and provides a simplified interface for developers to interact with our SDK. The benefits of using Facade SDK include the following:

  • Abstracts the complexities of the native SDK infrastructure

  • Simplifies the VoIP technology integration into applications, maintenance, and the updates

  • Allows the developer focusing on enhancing the application functionality

  • Accelerates the development process by offering intuitive APIs and comprehensive documentation.

SDK Languages for Android and iOS

Both Facade and libSoftphone support Android and iOS.

  • Android:

    • Both Facade and libSoftphone SDKs are written in Java - enables integration with Kotlin and Java projects.

  • iOS:

    • The Facade SDK is written in Swift.

    • Two (2) libSoftphone SDKs are available:

      • One in the modern Swift language

      • One in the classic Objective-C language.

Viewing Change Logs

Acrobits maintains change logs that outline the latest releases, updates, and modifications made to the Facade and libSoftphone SDKs.

To check for new versions and to view change logs, subscribe the RSS feeds at https://dist.acrobits.net/changelog/releases/.