Call URIs


It is possible to launch Acrobits apps by a click on a link in a web browser, email client etc. The link contains a number to call and optionally additional parameters. When the app is launched, the phone number is pre-filled into the number field and optionally, it can be automatically dialed.

This also works in WebRTC’s custom tab, but you have to include our script on the page you want to display, please see WebRTC documentation.


The call URIs have the following format:


Scheme can be either sip, which is the universal scheme which is usually intercepted by most VoIP apps. There is a chance that tapping on a link with sip: scheme will trigger some other VoIP app, especially if the other VoIP app was installed after Acrobits app.

There are also schemes which are specific for Acrobits apps. Links using this URL scheme will always open the referenced app:

The App Scheme
Acrobits Softphone asoftphone
Groundwire groundwire
Cloud Softphone cloudsip


For Cloud Softphone White-Label apps, you can configure any scheme you want in Cloud Softphone portal.

This is the number to be dialed. It must not contain any spaces.

If this optional parameter is specified, it contains the dial action to perform with this number. If it’s omitted, the app will be launched and the number pre-filled, but the user will have to dial the number by tapping the “call” button.

For the list of possible dial actions, please see the table in Dial Actions article.



Will launch the app which is registered to receive sip: uris (usually the last installed VoIP app) and pass the number to it. If it is an Acrobits app, the number will be pre-filled and user will decide how/if the number should be dialed.


Will launch Cloud Softphone and starts a text new message to the given number.


Will launch Groundwire, and from Groundwire, a gsm call will be originated to the given number.