Quick Dial


Quick Dial items show in the Quick Dial panel in Cloud Softphone app. The entries may be added by user and they can also be provisioned from Cloud Softphone portal and/or directly by provider via Global External Provisioning.

Since both end user and provider can modify the items, conflicts may happen. Cloud Softphone solves the problem using the concept of merging, as described in Mergeable XML

XML Format

Use the XML format below to provision Quick Dial items:

  <item id="qd1" priority="50">
  <item id="qd2">
  <item id="qd3" action="remove"/>

The example above contains 3 items:

  1. The first item is a new item with id="qd1" and priority="50", which is higher than GUI priority. This makes the item non-editable in GUI.

  2. The second item is a new item with id="qd2".

  3. The third item is a remove action for item with id="qd3". This will remove the item from the Quick Dial list.