Push Status Indication

Since version 3.34, SIPIS includes X-Sipis-Push-Status header in its provisional responses to incoming INVITE requests. Whenever the push status changes SIPIS will generate another provisional response with the appropriate value of the X-Sipis-Push-Status header.

The possible values of the header are:

  • Alerting-Device

  • Push-Notification-Sent

  • Device-Making-Progress


The Alerting-Device status means that SIPIS is trying to alert the user’s device(s) about the incoming call via push notification service and so far no device has attempted to answer the call.


The Push-Notification-Sent status means that SIPIS received positive confirmation that its push notification was accepted by a platform specific service.


The Device-Making-Progress status means that SIPIS has detected that a device is actually attempting to answer the incoming call.