Input Parameters for Provisioning

There are only three input parameters: Cloud ID, username, password. These parameters fully determine how the app is going to be provisioned. Some of the parameters may be left empty.

The parameters are entered by user into an Initial Screen. There are several different types of initial screens, as discussed in detail in Initial Screens article.

Cloud ID

This is the unique identifier of your app. You choose this identifier on Cloud Softphone web portal in the very first step when creating a new app. This parameter is mandatory for the provisioning process, the app always needs to know it in order to provision the correct settings from the Cloud Softphone portal. For generic Cloud Softphone app, it has to be provided explicitly, white-label apps have the Cloud ID hard-coded during the white label build.

Live and Editable apps

On Cloud Softphone portal, you can have access to two different versions of your app. The first one is “Live” version, which should be well tested, reviewed and approved and it is the production version your customers are currently using.

There may also be an “Editable” version, which may be the very first, work-in-progress version of your app which has not been released yet, or it is a copy of your “Live” version where you are making some changes. This “Editable” version serves as a sandbox where you can play with new features or configurations.


While the end users will want to provision their apps with the “Live” version, you will often want to get the “Editable” version to see your changes in the actual device. You can access the “Editable” version by appending * to the end of your Cloud ID input parameter.

Username, Password

These two parameters identify the user. In case they are entered, they are passed to external provisioning web service, which can use them to provision account settings specific for this particular user (for example, SIP username and password, which may be different from username/password provided by user). In case external provisioning web service is not defined, these values are used directly as SIP username and password.

Both username and password may be left empty. In this case, the account is not created during initial provisioning process and the user will be presented a “new account” form after provisioning completes, where the user can fill in the missing credentials (and maybe other settings as well; the form can be customized). In case only username is entered, it will be pre-filled in the form.