Live and Editable Versions

Cloud Softphone apps are maintained by versions. A version can be imagined as a full copy of all app properties, settings and assets which is completely independent from other versions.

At most two versions are accessible from the portal at one time:

Live Version

This is the version of the app which is in production. It is supposed to be well tested and it must have passed review by Acrobits. Live versions, if they exist, are shown on the left side of the screen and are locked for editing - no changes to Live versions are possible. This is to ensure stable functionality to end users - all changes to settings must be tested and pass Acrobits review.

Editable Version

After an app is created, the very first version of the app is in “editable” state. Later, when a Live version exists, it’s always possible to create a new, editable version from it. If you do this, an exact copy of the live version is created and marked as “editable”.

Editable versions are safe to be played with, test new features or configuration options without affecting your production end users. To test editable version in the mobile apps, you need to provision the app with your Cloud ID followed by * (see Cloud Softphone Provisioning for more details about it).