Microsoft Store Registration

Publishing WebRTC desktop app to the Microsoft Store requires you to register as a Windows Developer in Partner Center. The sign-up process varies slightly depending on where you are registering from, but the basic flow stays the same. Follow the steps outlined below to register as a Windows Developer:

  1. Go to the registration page and click Get Started.
  2. Create a new Microsoft Account. While you can use an existing Microsoft Account, it is recommended that you create a new account which would serve as the administrator for Partner Center.
  3. Choose the country or region you are in, and the type of account you want to register for. In most cases, this should be a Company account. Note that both these options cannot be changed once the account is created.
  4. Enter the publisher display name you want to use in the Microsoft Store. This is the public facing name that will be displayed in the Publisher section of your app’s store listing. This name must be unique and should not already be registered in the store. For company accounts, the name should be the registered company name and not violate any trademarks, or infringes on someone else’s copyright.
  5. Provide the contact information for the account. This includes the name, email and phone number of the person at your company who will verify and approve this account.
  6. In the next section, enter your payment information to pay the registration fee for the account. The exact amount varies by each country/region and Company accounts carry a higher registration fee than Individual accounts.
  7. Review all the information provided and accept the App Developer Agreement. Once you finish the registration process, you’ll get a confirmation email at the contact address you provided in the previous step.


Company account verifications can take several days and may require additional documentation and verification based on where the company is registered to comply with local laws. Please refer to Microsoft’s documentation for further details, including registration fees and the verification process.

Adding Users to Your Account

After the account is set up, you may want to add more users to manage your app’s listing and submission process or review financial reports etc. You need an Azure Active Directory to manage additional users on your Partner Center account. You have the following two options available to set up your Active Directory:

a. Use existing Azure Active Directory

If your company already uses an Azure Active Directory, you can associate it with your Microsoft Partner Center account and then assign roles are permissions to users already registered in your company’s directory. To use your Organization’s existing Active Directory, please follow these steps outlined in the Partner Center documentation.

b. Create new Azure Active Directory

If your Organization does not already have an Azure Active Directory or you wish to create a new one instead, then you can follow the process outlined in this section. Your Azure Active Directory can be associated with multiple Partner Center accounts, and a single Partner Center account can link with several Active Directories, so you only need to create one if your Organization doesn’t already have one.

Managing users and roles

Once you have an Active Directory set up, you can manage users and their roles. The process varies slightly depending on how you set up your Active Directory. Refer to Microsoft’s documentation on adding users and managing roles and permissions for users for further details.