This section covers known problems around some specific corner cases.

WebRTC version

We advise to update if you have version older than 1.12.1, because in earlier versions calls won’t work in the Chrome 68 (to be released around 24/7/2018).

You can determine source version in several ways:

  • when logged in: in settings / about / show extended version info
  • in the dev tools (press F12 on windows, or right click on page - inspect on any platform), tab Console: the first line contains version info

PBX issues with ssrc attributes

Some PBXs are filtering out a=ssrc lines out of SDPs. This causes issues for Chrome, as it needs those attributes to recognize different streams. Therefore video (including screen sharing) is not supported (and we advise to disable it) for such PBXs.

No audio / helicopter sound

When you hear repetitive sound with no trace of actual voice / words, please check that you have configured encryption properly (e.g. that en/decryption is done on both ends), or try to turn it off entirely.