WebRTC is a phone in your browser. Your users will be able to make calls from any computer using the browser.

WebRTC is a web application and needs to be hosted on a server. The application can be hosted either on Acrobits’ server or on the server you manage.

WebRTC is automatically deployed to Acrobits’ server during the build of your Whitelabel applications. To use WebRTC on your own server you need to select Your own servers (servers_own) feature for your application.

The following documentation will guide you through the process of deploying WebRTC application to your server so that it can be used by your customers.

WebRTC requires additional server component called Webis. You can use Webis provided by Acrobits but we recommend that you run it on your own server. You will find Webis deployment guide below.


WebRTC is not available for High Security White Label App.