Knwon Issues

This is a list of all currently known issues with video conferencing across supported platforms, along with any mitigation, if available. We are actively working towards resolving these and once an issue has been resolved, it would be removed from this document.

Conferences do not work correctly if two or more tabs are open in the same browser

If you try to open two different conference tabs in the same browser instance, you may experience issues because both instances try to access the same resources.

To work around this, only have one instance of conferencing running at a time if possible or open other instances in an incognito window or a different browser.


This applies to both Guest Mode and when running in WebRTC meaning that you also cannot have one instance of conferencing running in WebRTC in the browser while another conference is running in Guest Mode.

Safari on both macOS and iOS incorrectly prompts to select media devices

When using Safari on macOS or iOS, you may get excessive prompts that a device change has been detected even when you haven’t plugged in or removed a Camera, Microphone or Headset.

If you have not plugged in or removed any devices, then you can safely dismiss the prompts.

Participants List may render incorrectly when the window is of a specific size

The list of participants on the right side may shrink into small thumbnails when the available display area is between 768px and 980px in landscape orientations.

Adjust the size of the window by making is smaller or larger should immediately resolve this issue.